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Hope Realized

We just celebrated Easter ... have you realized the hope Jesus died to provide?


Hope Realized

By Carla Foote

Last fall I planted new bulbs in my own garden and along the sidewalks at church. Even though I already have a variety of bulbs in my yard, I always plant a few new ones each fall. I'm running out of space in my small urban garden, but I'm glad I can extend my gardening space to church!

Bulbs seems like such a miracle to me - they look like brown, lifeless blobs. In the darkness of winter, they grow hidden deep in the soil - sending down roots and pushing up shoots of new life. I used to be careful about making notes about where I planted bulbs. I am less organized now in my garden, and this spring I was surprised with some of the blooms. Did I really plant bulbs in that section? What fun!

Spring blooms from bulbs are hope realized. In the waning days of fall, in the midst of dying leaves and declining sunlight, I make this hopeful gesture in my garden. Tossing brown globes into holes in the dirt.

In the spring, this hope is rewarded with beauty. Sure, some of the bulbs don't make it. The squirrels dig up some for winter food. Others concealed disease and remain stagnant. But most create new life and beauty.

I love that Easter is in the spring (in the northern hemisphere). Is there a better symbol of death coming to life than bulbs pushing forth? I know the parallels aren't completely accurate. Jesus was actually dead - and the bulbs are just dead-looking. But still - the metaphor of hope pushes through.

So today, just a few days after the Resurrection - I continue to delight in the new life all around me. Yes, there are spring flowers bursting forth everywhere. But more than that, there is the hope of new life in the dead places of my own soul. That's the real miracle. I worship the One who was crucified, died, and rose again. The Creator, not just the creation. The ultimate miracle of Jesus is hope realized - life can spring from dead places.

Carla Foote blogs about the intersection of gardening and faith at She is the Really blog manager and also writes and edits for other clients through She can't name a favorite flower - too many choices! Blooming now in her garden are daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, violets, grape hyacinths, pansies and the peach tree ... crocuses are fading and candytuft is next up! See pictures on Instagram @flowers4soul.

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