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A Season for Women

A Season for Women

By Elisa Morgan


Have you noticed? The sheer number of women rising up to share the gospel, serve others and advance God’s kingdom? Some on big platforms. Some on small. All being noticed in a way that is new. Nearly every day my social media spotlights yet another female tackling the struggles in our troubled world and calling out to other women to step into their sphere of influence.


I’ve been wondering… Why women? Why now? Why so many?


I think back to my own inaugural leadership as a sixteen-year-old, ordained as an elder in the presbyterian church. I was the only girl. As a twenty-two-year-old at Denver Seminary, I was one of six women in the Master of Divinity program. As the dean of women on the faculty of a Bible college, besides the librarian, I was the only female. As the CEO of MOPS International, I attended various CEO-focused trainings where there were no other women present. Interning as a hospital chaplain. On a national board. At various broadcasting conventions.


Over the past nearly fifty years of ministry, while women have continued to serve all through our lives in all kinds of ways, our mention has been embarrassingly rare. Excluded perhaps. Surely, overlooked. Invisible. Maybe the word is “missed.”


No longer. Today? Women! Everywhere!


Let me name a sampling. There could be so many more!


Vivian Mabuni – Viv served with Cru for years, bringing voice to Asian leaders. Now, on the board of Denver Seminary, Viv founded the Women’s Leadership Cohort which attracted over thirty students in its first year, freeing women to gather together for support while pursing seminary training. Over her weekends, she speaks with her husband, Darrin, at Family Life’s marriage conferences. And she has recently joined the God Hears Her podcast as an additional co-host!


Jennie Allen – Jennie launched the IF Gathering in 2014, bringing biblical discipleship to literally millions of women and now envisioning a world-wide conference: Gather 2025.


Mandy Arioto - CEO of what was MOPS International, Mandy has led a rebranding the world-wide ministry as The MomCo by MOPS International to reach new generations of moms around our world.


Lisa Harper – In addition to teaching and preaching globally, Lisa launched the Kerygma Conference and the Back Porch Theology Podcast to broadcast the reality that women can be theologians as they step into their capacity.


Angie Ward – After serving on a pastoral staff for decades, Angie now leads the Doctor of Ministries program at Denver Seminary and writes and speaks widely on leadership including the podcast The Big C Church and the release, I Am A Leader. 


Janella Thaxton – Breast-cancer survivor and full-time event manager for MOMCON, Janella hobbies at jewelry making through her at-home company, Luvada Designs.


Christine Caine – What a powerhouse! Author and preacher, Christine is passionate about ending sex trafficking (A21 Ministries) and educating women through Propel Women.


Jo Saxton – She is the founder of Ezer Collective – an initiative dedicated to investing in women leaders around the world, equipping them to own their voice and boldly step into their calling. 


Debbie Johnson – A social worker by training, decades ago, Debbie founded Denver Works to assist the unemployed. Today she writes about unity in hard things on her blog.


Hosanna Wong – Hosanna brings the house down wherever she shares about Jesus through spoken Word.


Kate Bowler – Kate plunders illness with her bold honesty and faith, best known by her podcast Everything Happens.


Savanah Guthrie – While admittedly terrified to bring her faith into the arena of secular television, well-known as the Today Show anchor, Savanah softly evangelizes with her recent release, Mostly What God Does.


Julie Richardson – While serving on the media team at Our Daily Bread Ministries, Julie envisioned a film series portraying women with Unshakeable Moxie – a concept her mom shared with Julie as a young woman. Now a writer and producer, Julie prays constantly for the outreach of this offering for women everywhere.


There are SO many more!

Patricia Raybon, who after a long career in journalism and faith-based non-fiction writing is now helping us understand racial issues in our past through compelling fiction.


Krista Gilbert and Alexandra Kuykendall as they reach out to women in midlife through their Open Door Sisterhood podcast, Our Time to Rise!


Shelly Radic leading the foster/adopt resource nonprofit, Project 1:27.


Michele Cushatt, three-time survivor of tongue cancer and author, speaker, coach and consultant.


My God Hears Her podcast co-host Eryn Eddy Adkins, founder of So Worth Loving.


Joanna Williams, who leads others to walk alongside migrants through Kino Border Initiative.


Carla Foote, our Really Blog Manager serving on the board of Magazine Training International.


Tracey Bianchi, pastor at Christ Church Oakbrook in Chicago, IL.


For even more, check out the interviews on @godhearsher!


Why am I writing this today? Because I see the favor being granted women in our current era. It’s not a fad. It’s evidence that God expresses himself male and female and accomplishes his purposes through the blessed alliance of both genders.


And because I want to expand the current spread of female influence even further and invite you – yes you! – to step into the capacities God has granted you. Wherever. However. With whoever.


Women, we are God’s beloved. How WONDERFUL that we are being invited, included and noticed. Let’s continue our work as his beloved in our world for him.


Elisa Morgan is the author of When We Pray Like Jesus. She is the cohost of the podcast, God Hears Her. She is also the cohost of Discover the Word and contributor to Our Daily Bread. Her other books include, You Are Not Alone, Christmas Changes Everything, Hello, Beauty Full, and The Beauty of Broken. Connect with Elisa @elisamorganauthor on Facebook and Instagram.





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