God Hears Her

God Hears Her By Elisa Morgan

She came up to my nose - in her heeled boots. And I'm pretty short myself. She bounded into the room, crinkled her nose in a grin and with her perfectly raspy voice announced, "It's sooooo good to meet you!" My heart happied as I responded to her welcome and reached out with a hug. Blond to my brunette-now-grey. Thirty years younger, enough to be my daughter. Artsy and tatted and cool to my edgy but pretty status-quo vibe. I guess you could say it was something like a friendship blind date. We'd been "set up" by Our Daily Bread Ministries and for a new ministry effort: a podcast for women. Would this work? Could we become a team together - cracking open and connecting our hearts so that women listening - who we hadn't met either - would receive what we all desperately long for? To be seen. To be heard. To be loved just as we are? As we donned over over-the-ear preacher-type mics and took seats across the table from each other we shared bits and pieces of our days. A delayed flight to Grand Rapids. Starvation after not enough breakfast. Queries over favorite morning drinks. Favorite shades of never-to-be-skipped lipstick. We both had some Southern roots after all - if you count Texan as Southern which I guess I do. At some point the producer cued us to start and off we went, meandering through her divorce, my broken, our woman wounds. We shared our stories of falling and getting up and discovering more of Jesus through both downs and ups and coming out "better" somehow. Nearly a year later with two seasons of podcasts recorded, I want to introduce you to my dear friend, Eryn Eddy and to the conversation God birthed between us, God Hears Her. Our cross-generational, mutually mentoring relationship has revitalized many facets of me, challenging me to feel my feels (Eryn is an Enneagram Seven and a ENFP on the Meyers-Briggs), dip further into social media for positive purposes and to fall even more exuberantly in love with Jesus. I think I've enriched her life some too - walking with her through scrape-the-bottom-of-the-bank-account financial decisions, re-entering the dating world and losing her beloved dog - Bernice, a Frenchie. God Hears Her is a podcast for women like you and me and Eryn. Because women are pulled in every direction, and we put pressure on ourselves to do all and be all. Because we feel overwhelmed, isolated and often wonder ... is it just me? Because we need to be reminded that God sees us while we're frantically responding to emails in the early morning and doing dishes after dinner. That he hears us when our hearts cry out for more. More help, more happiness, more praise, more contentment. Because we need friends to come alongside us in the hurts, joys and struggles of our every day. God Hears Her is a podcast for women who are in the trenches of the beautiful and messy moments of relationships, work, ministry and more. We want to slow down. We want to be in the moment. We want to be known. We want to be heard.  Will you join us? God Hears Her has just launched on your favorite podcast platform. You can listen to the first 3 episodes right now. There are three things you can do to help God Hears Her gain and keep an audience to reach women like you.

  1. Subscribe: Our goal is 10,000 listeners for the first season. Find God Hears Her on - iTunes Apple podcasts - Spotify - Google

  2. Rate: We long to have five-star ratings and to hear reviews of what is working and what we can shift to better meet your needs.

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We'll be offering interactive activities as we get rolling. Watch for zoom chats, social posts and more. Most of all, join the conversation? Because we alllll need to know that God sees us. He hears us. He loves us. Because we are his.

Elisa Morgan is the cohost of the new podcast, God Hears Hear. She is also the cohost of Discover the Word and contributor to Our Daily Bread. Her latest book is When We Pray Like Jesus. Her other books include The Beauty of Broken, Hello, Beauty Full, and She Did What She CouldConnect with Elisa @elisa_morgan on Twitter, and @elisamorganauthor on Facebook and Instagram.

Eryn Eddy is the founder and CEO of  So Worth Loving, a lifestyle clothing brand. She and her work have been featured on CNN and MSNBC, as well as Southern Living and Atlanta Magazine. This creative enjoys oil painting and singing, and she's even had her music featured on MTV and VH1. Eryn is also an author and a speaker, and she calls Atlanta home. Connect with Eryn on Instagram, Facebook and at ErynEddy.com.

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