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I Met a New Friend Today

Our perspective on suffering can change everything as Janella Thaxton shares.


I Met a New Friend Today

By Janella Thaxton

I met a new friend today, and I’m still going over that poignant interaction in my head ...

You know when you meet someone for the first time whom you just know you’ll get along with? She seems super solid, so her offerings will be unwavering; she’s smart and consistent, which will greatly benefit me.

She doesn’t need to be everything to me because my other relationships fill in some of those areas. But she is already my type of girl, and she is coming in hot, not wasting any time in getting to know me. Right now, her main focus is me. The real me. Honestly, it’s starting off a bit one-sided, and until we understand what each brings to the relationship, this is how it has to be. She’s a total giver, and she gives generously. That’s the best way, right? If we’ve been paying attention, it’s what we’ve been taught, and for the first time there’s no push back in me.

In relationships I always see where I can serve and help in hoping to add and enlighten ... but I can already tell this relationship will require me to be less the alpha; it’s been determined she’s mostly in charge, and from what I can see and what I’ve heard about her other relationships, what she’s offering, I need to receive with arms wide open.

She only asks that in return we spend a ton of time together. How else will you get to really know someone? That time is vital. Her love language must be quality time on steroids.

I’m going to take her seriously during these times. I’ll listen and learn from her. Actually, I’m really looking forward to that part.

Interestingly enough, we have already discovered we have a mutual enemy. She’s the type you want to beat up after class.

But because we know this enemy is clever, we’ve got to plan this butt whoopin’ out well. We already know we have to come at her from all sides too. Going for the gut first, double her over, the surprise punch, taking her breath and words filled with death away. Throw out a couple “Yo Momma” stings to really make her mad and then go for the jugular, but no sucker punches.

We will stand eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe with her ... some fights are over just like that. Especially when your opponent is a bully, because all she needs is one good pop upside the head to shut her up … but not this enemy, knowing her past. It will more than likely take a full 10 rounds of blood, sweat and tears. but we will see who will be left standing when all is said and done, and who will be hollering out for their mama. It will be either me or her, and we all know it won’t be me ... but again, we have to plan this one right, because even after the punch of your life, this enemy has been known to get back up.

Anyway, back to my new friend ... have I told you her name? It’s Chemotherapy, but most people call her by her nickname, Chemo. And she is not about the games but very serious about who she’s assigned to help. To her core she’s an annihilator. A heat-seeking missile.

She’s an exterminator. And she’s gonna save my life.


If you or someone you know is battling cancer, check out these two resources that have been meaningful to Janella in her journey:

Janella Thaxton is the Senior Events Manager at MOPS International (MOMcon Mastermind!), a cohost on the podcast Moms Unscripted and the maker behind the beautiful handmade jewelry at Luvada Designs, named for her fashionista grandmother Loraine Luvada Merritt. She is a wife and mom who became a drummer during quarantine. She is currently battling breast cancer. Find her on IG @luvadadesigns and at


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