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Through the Stormy Night

How do you get through the storm? Read on as Katherine Catlett shares where she puts her hope.


Through the Stormy Night

By Katherine Catlett

One stormy night Jack, my sweet pup, and I sat in front of the fireplace for hours and weathered a storm together.

The rolling thunder and loud pellets of rain on my window woke me around 3 a.m. Immediately, I knew Jack would be outside pacing the porch, terrified. When I went to check on him, my assumption was spot-on. His eyes were full of terror, peering at me through the glass doors. His back legs trembled with fear, his sweet face etched with worry. I opened the door and let him quickly scramble into the house, gently pulling him into my embrace. I comforted him like a fragile, crying newborn.

I sat with him on the floor in front of the fireplace, embracing him for hours until the storm ceased around 6 a.m., not once entertaining the thought of leaving him alone in the storm. Jack is normally an outdoor dog, but because of his fear of the storm, bringing him inside and staying with him seemed the kindest way through.

Then it occurred to me that God has this same gentle care for us when we walk through our own storms. He sits with us when the fog doesn’t seem to lift and the night seems incredibly long. When the rain won’t stop and the rolling thunder seems to just get louder. When the lightning gives us false hope, lighting up our sky only to leave us in the dark again. God doesn’t abandon us to weather the storm alone.

Instead, he pulls us into his loving embrace and sits with us during the hardest, heaviest and scariest storms. He listens intently to every cry of our heart, and he reaches out his strong hand to you and me, inviting us to take refuge in him. He offers us peace. He provides us comfort. He shows us hope that soon the sun will rise and the fog will lift.

A life with God does not guarantee us a life without storms. A life with God promises his presence and peace during a raging storm.

I don’t know what storm you are walking through, or if you are in one at all. But I want to reassure you that he promises hope, that the sun will shine again. He promises that he will always be present, even in our most gut-wrenching experiences. He is our rock, our shield, our hiding place when the storm hits hard and the lightning strikes too close to home.

He keeps his promises and that is enough to get us through the days and nights ahead.

Katherine Catlett is a Junior at Samford University, pursuing a degree in Communication Studies. She desires to encourage and inspire those around her through her writing. As a Samford University cheerleader, Katherine uses her talents to mentor and connect with young girls as they grow into the person God created them to be. Katherine loves the beach, warm weather, and adores her pets and family. After graduation, she wants to pursue her passion to become a Christian-based motivational speaker and writer. She welcomes you to visit her blog, Beautiful In Its Time:


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