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A Prayer Dare based on The Prayer Coin


Have you read The Prayer Coin: Daring to Pray with Honest Abandon?

Are you ready to take the "Prayer Dare" of praying the two sides of  Jesus' Garden Prayer?


Jesus prayed both Take this Cup: Honest and Not my Will: Abandon

What happens when we pray both sides as well?


Consider Jesus' Garden prayer in Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 14:32-42, Luke 22:39-46 and John 18:11.

  • How are you seeing God work?

  • What are you learning?

  • How is your relationship with God changing? 


Questions to consider:

  • What are your problems with prayer?

  • What happens when you pray "Take this Cup" in honesty?

  • What happens when you pray "Not my Will" in abandon?

  • What happens when you pray both sides of prayer: "Take this Cup: Honest" and "Not my Will: Abandon"?

Share what you are learning in the comments below!

Watch a video of Elisa Morgan preaching the Prayer Dare!

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