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Help Wanted

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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by Elisa Morgan

I need your help. I need to know what works for you to connect with God. In real time. Every day.

Oh, I could fill this white space with ideas myself. Steps I've taken. Resources I've both reviewed and/or endorsed. Practices I've practiced.

Like these:

  • Pick up a devotional like Jesus Calling and stick with it. Every day. God will use your commitment to reveal himself through the words of a servant like Sarah Young.

  • Dive into a One Year Bible. With the work done for you, you can slide through each day, journeying further and further in the meta-story of God's work in his world.

  • Select a book of the Bible and go deep. Unlock Logos Bible software or a study Bible and watch your understanding sharpen as you come to grasp layer after layer of how God was active in the original writing and brings his Word alive in your story today.

  • Log on to Ann Voskamp's website and follow her "A Lent to Repent" series. (Watch out though, it can sting a bit. A good sting, but still a sting.)

All great ideas - and super effective at times.

But at this particular pause just a few months into 2015, smack-dab in the middle of the holy season of Lent yet weeks before the glorious reminder of the resurrection, I struggle with "going dark." Oh how to admit ... with not enough energy to move myself toward trying. Reading. Praying. Connecting in community. The crust of my soul is hardening over. Oh. Dear.

So I'm reaching out. Me. The "teacher." The "sharer." The "speaker." The "knower." I'm wondering, what do you do? To connect with God. In real time. Every day.

How do you decide where to read now in Scripture? What extra-biblical books have shaped your thinking recently? What would you tell me about keeping your relationship with Jesus fresh and inviting him into more areas of your life and leadership?

As you share with me, you'll be sharing with others and together, we'll be strengthened and inspired and helped. Cuz that's how it works, this faith thing. We're better when we're real together. Post your comments below. Or respond on Facebook. Or both.

I'm listening.


I need your help.


Elisa Morgan is a speaker and the author of The Beauty of Broken and She Did What She Could and the cohost of Discover the Word.

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