Small Things

My friend Cheryl Davis reorients our perspective about what's really "big" and "small" in life with her words.


Small Things

By Cheryl Davis

Laying on a comfortable salon bed, my friend and estetician of nearly twenty years listened intently as I ranted about the work struggles that seemed insurmountable. On and on I shared as she tenderly and delicately cared for my eyebrows. Yes, I was getting an eyebrow wax and on this occasion, apparently, I was using our time as a venting session!

After what was more than ten minutes of dumping, I stopped. I finally just stopped. Then, quietly, tenderly, and with a certain sacredness, my friend whispered, "Small Things, Cheryl."

There I lay stunned. After making all my points about why things should or shouldn't be a specific way, her wise and brief words, well, they stunned me.

A few years prior to this appointment, my friend had lost her husband. He left her with her one and only son. To finish raising alone.

Today, nearly a decade later, I think back to that encounter, and the wisdom my friend shared. This time I am the one without. Loss of a loved one leaves you feeling, well, without. And the things that seemed so worthy of so much frustrated energy and venting pale in light of a renewed view of eternity and the more meaningful aspects of life.

Oh I don't want to put a damper on the holiday season. I love Christmas! But I'm feeling this next level placement of my heart on things that really matter. So your mother-in-law tells you to check the roast for the third time, all the while you know it needs another hour to cook ... who cares? Or your child is disappointed that you picked the wrong headset brand, or you couldn't quite make every activity. All Small. Those are now my two words.

My friend knew what truly mattered. She understood that most of my rant was not going to have long term benefits. She knew that family matters. My friend understood that time loving and serving people brings the greatest joy, far greater than any frustrations with temporal situations.

All small in light of the bigger picture.

That bigger picture is a beautiful one. Jesus. He is Emmanuel, God with us. How I am clinging to this truth! He is with me this holiday and he is with you. Welcome him. Or maybe invite him for the first time. But definitely spend time with Jesus. I promise you, everything else will fade in view of his friendship and faithfulness.

Cheryl Lee Davis is the Executive Director of If Not For Grace Ministries. INFG provides hope and healing to the abortion wounded. A recent widow, Cheryl leans on Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to closely walk with her through this holiday season and the months ahead. Cheryl has written two devotionals: Rely and Safe Place.

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